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Abstract Aperture Logo • 2017

Independent T-shirt Design

This design started as an experimental piece for me. My goal was to take a symbol from a game I admired greatly and transform it in a creative way.

I chose to apply the Trash Polka style typically used for tattoos to the Aperture Laboratories logo from Valve's Portal games, while maintaining the game's signature orange and blue colours.

This lead me to mimic the splashes of colour that often occur in-game thanks to the Mobility Gels pictured below.

This design is one of my favourites to this day because of the fun dichotomy between the squeaky-clean image that Aperture Laboratories attempts to project in the game and the rough, messy style that Trash Polka is known for.

It seems that Redbubble.com shoppers resonated with the design, as the amount of attention it has received on the merchandise website has been outstanding to me. To this day, 174 different products have been sold with this design printed on them!