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Animal Heist • 2019

Student Made Stealth Game

Animal Heist is a fun, colourful, cartoon-y stealth game made by myself and 8 other students from Algonquin College as a year-long final project.

After school was over, my team and I collectively agreed to upload our game on itch.io so that we could all access the final build from anywhere. Much to our surprise, once the game went public, people really liked it!

The reaction from “Let’s Players” on YouTube and commenters on itch.io has been overwhelming. To this day, Animal Heist has been downloaded 338 times!

I contributed in many capacities, but most notably occupied the roles of

Project Manager, Lead Game Designer, and User Interface Designer.

Project Manager Responsibilities

  • Documenting Meeting Minutes for our three weekly meetings

  • Acting as Scrum Master, ensuring that our team stayed on track with the Agile Scrum framework (including Daily Scrums, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, and Sprint Retrospectives)

  • Creating and maintaining Release Contracts to openly define each of our 4 releases' to-do items for all team members, which promoted accountability for all of us

  • Resolving group dynamics issues like pipeline reworks, re-prioritization, conflict resolution, and miscommunications

  • Managing Project Scope and expectations to deliver a satisfactory product by the end of our deadline

User Interface Designer Responsibilities

  • Developing a Branding Board for the game's UI style to ensure all UI assets created for the game were consistent

  • Creating all of the game's UI assets, including the HUD, Splash Screen, Menus, etc. in tandem with the game's theme and mechanics to ensure that the interface was communicating necessary information to the player

  • Collaborating with the Graphics Programmer to implement unique shaders for the UI to be especially engaging

  • Updating existing UI assets for consistency and feasibility

Lead Game Designer Responsibilities

  • Creating and maintaining the game's Game Design Document (GDD) which described each mechanic, feature, and narrative element relating to the game in great detail

  • Working with Level Designers to optimize the teaching and enjoyment of core game mechanics

  • Collaborating with Programmers to ensure the implementation of features was feasible at conception and they followed the specifications of the GDD

  • Communicating necessary assets to 3D modelers, animators, and sound designers

  • Making necessary modifications to the game's mechanics according to user testing feedback, quality assurance testing and scope considerations

Marketing/Cinematics Responsibilities

  • Creating marketing materials for our game's booth at the Level Up showcase in April 2019

  • Creating marketing materials for the game's itch.io page, including banners, screenshots, and descriptions

  • Storyboarding and creating cinematic cutscenes between levels to convey narrative elements and at key points within the game's levels to convey mechanical elements (i.e. puzzle solving)

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