In an effort to add more variety to my skillset, I decided to challenge myself by recreating some screens from the mobile game Wordscapes in the style of Kindly Beast’s Bendy in Nightmare Run.

Artboard 32.png
Artboard 1.png

This is the Home screen of Boriscapes. My biggest challenge with this screen was that I wanted to make a logo that was both interesting and true to the Nightmare Run style. I also wanted to stray from imitating exact pieces from the Bendy app where possible, so I decided to give Boris, a secondary character, the spotlight in his own spin-off. It was especially rewarding to see the stark difference between the Wordscapes app’s colourful aesthetic to something on the opposite side of the spectrum.

This screen depicts actual gameplay. Since Wordscapes has levels based on different biomes, I figured I could put a spin on that and set the Boriscapes levels in different locations in the Bendy series. I also decided to try my hand at a recreation of the inkwell item in icon form to replace Wordscapes’ “bees” consumable item mechanic.

Artboard 2.png
Artboard 3.png

I feel that this screen is the most transformative, all while respecting the source’s functionality. I took a lot of inspiration from Nightmare Run’s level select screen, which displays different levels on little “cards”. I also wanted to challenge myself further technically, so I recreated the Joey Drew Studios logo myself instead of pasting it in.